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  1. Busted windshield...fml!

    Titan General Discussion
    Saturday night I was at a bar and a worker walked up to some friends and I wondering if one of us happened to drive a Nissan Titan. I said yes, he asked, Silver? I repeated with Yes...he said come with me. My heart started beating like crazy, thinking my truck got broken into. Come to find out...
  2. Removing Stickers from Cap window - How?

    Titan General Discussion
    Hello all, This is my first post. I tried to search and could not find anything. I have a 08 Titan SE 4x4 - Big Tow, Utility pkg. I love the truck. I had to buy a Leer cap for it so my dogs could ride in the bed. The cap came with big letters from the store that i got it (says "LEONARD" i...