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  1. Busted windshield...fml!

    Titan General Discussion
    Saturday night I was at a bar and a worker walked up to some friends and I wondering if one of us happened to drive a Nissan Titan. I said yes, he asked, Silver? I repeated with Yes...he said come with me. My heart started beating like crazy, thinking my truck got broken into. Come to find out...
  2. Removing Stickers from Cap window - How?

    Titan General Discussion
    Hello all, This is my first post. I tried to search and could not find anything. I have a 08 Titan SE 4x4 - Big Tow, Utility pkg. I love the truck. I had to buy a Leer cap for it so my dogs could ride in the bed. The cap came with big letters from the store that i got it (says "LEONARD" i...
  3. Laptops

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Well its come to be that time because I'm about to start college and I need to get a new laptop. What do you guys have? Do you like it or not? If you could get something different what would it be? I'm open to all suggestions Mac or PC and I want to hear your pros and cons not just "I really...