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  1. Help with shipping

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I will be shipping some items in the next 2 weeks. Who are you guys using to ship and what is the cheapest company out there. I dont need to have it there express or anything. One box is no more than 13 pounds 22x22x5 and there other is no more than 20, 36x18x18. I keep getting some crazy quotes...
  2. another reason not to get oil changes at walmart

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    so i was at walmart today getting oil to change mine in the the truck went with the mobile 1 0-30 after reading about it on here, went to ask the guy at the oil change section how much oil the wifes rig took couldn't remember for the life of me, anyways he sees the mobile one in the cart and...