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vilim is showing his age

  1. My new parking spot at school....

    Titan General Discussion
    Well i guess its not mine anymore as i got in trouble from the principal for parking there but if was cool fot the half day i was up there. I just wanted to climb the bank and take a picture but it was too cool to drive down and park normal. Then a few of my buddies coppied me. Oh and one of...
  2. Never turned so many heads my direction.

    Titan General Discussion
    So i recently did a bunch of work on the truck. I removed and repainted all the badges on the truck black. I also bought so black door handles. Then the icing on the cake is the new fender flares. lemme know what y'all think. me drivin the senior float vvv
  3. New member of the *sob* ex-Titan club

    Titan General Discussion
    :crying: Well guys, it's been a while since I've posted and as of this past weekend the wife won the truck-war... Traded the Titan for a new Chevy Tahoe Z71/LTZ... Nice SUV, but I will REALLY miss my truck. BTW, I did talk her in to letting me keep my Terra Grapplers and had them put on the...
  4. Has this ever happened to you?

    Titan General Discussion
    I was at work today, it was casual Friday and and the conversation veered towards how much my co-worker paid for his 'True-Religion' jeans? How much did he pay? 400 bucks!.. I said "Man, I could buy an Injen CAI for the cost of those"!!! Everyone looked at me strangely. He said he had a couple...
  5. Things You Regret Not Having In Your Titan When Buying???

    Titan General Discussion
    Well yea guys now that i recall if most do as well. Remember when you walked in the stealership and you were so excited since you wanted to purchase a Nissan Titan? Then the Butt Hole sales man was bugging you while your were trying to choose your Titan like hey look at this one or hey do you...
  6. Spy Shots of 2011 QX56: Does this mean life for the Titan?

    Titan General Discussion is reporting spyshots (albeit from the Middle East) of a 2011 Infiniti QX56. As some of you may or may not know, this high-end SUV shares the same engine/frame/etc as our dear beloved Titans/Armadas. So either A) Nissan is just wrapping the same old Titan in a new Infiniti body or...
  7. Removing Stickers from Cap window - How?

    Titan General Discussion
    Hello all, This is my first post. I tried to search and could not find anything. I have a 08 Titan SE 4x4 - Big Tow, Utility pkg. I love the truck. I had to buy a Leer cap for it so my dogs could ride in the bed. The cap came with big letters from the store that i got it (says "LEONARD" i...
  8. custom non film tinted windows

    Titan General Discussion
    Anyone know where one can get the 2 front windows smoked in % to order? all that comes up on the internet is film tinting and that's not what im looking for. its driving me up a wall. i doubt i need to go and order armored glass to get this done..
  9. Check My Lights Out...THEY ARE NOT HID BY THE WAY.

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Well how its say they ain't i bought them at the Nissan stealership they are the HALO's they sell for $35. BY the way this lights are from my 2005 titan i had before and put them on this truck its my 2008 so they are almost 4 years old and they are running strong. These are my regulars...
  10. messed up rear end???????

    Titan General Discussion
    Hey , what's up guys . I'm wonding if any of you could help me out . My truck is making a really weird noise coming from the back . And I can feel A vibration underneath my feet . It only makes the noise when I let off the throttle . When I'm accelarating it does not do anything . And when I...
  11. goofing around

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Took this the other night in Downtown LA. There's nothing new to my truck, so its still the same. Just wanted to experiment with some off-camera lighting.
  12. You guys are a bad influence.....

    Titan Performance Modifications
    i never really used to read in this forum much, but i have been lately, and it's giving me the itch to do some power modding...i mean, i've got an AEM brute force and a cherry bomb muffler (not sure how much of a power mod the cherry bomb is, but it sure sounds good!!)..... but the more i've...
  13. Solved the badge problem!!

    Titan General Discussion
    what do you think??
  14. Dodge based Nissan Titan appears to have been killed

    Titan General Discussion
    Ciao, Fiat-Chrysler... A Look at What Product Moves Could Be Next | Car News Blog at Motor Trend
  15. Laid waste to a 05-09 GT Mustang

    War Stories
    Well, not really laid waste but I kicked his a*s!! I got him first from a 45 roll, second time was from a dig and the last time was from 50mph to 110mph. On the first one, I think I surprised him as he tried to get a quick jump on me but I was cruizin' around in 3rd M so I had a fast downshift...
  16. Noobie

    Titan General Discussion
    Whats up yall? Ive been looking around this forum for tips and to find out what truck would be best to get. SO i figured id ask all yall. What year is the best year for the TItan? What year was the first one produced? Ive been a Ford man all my life but think its time for a change and one cant...
  17. Before your warranty expires

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    just make sure to take the T to an outside source and have them do a full check on parts that are still covered by warranty before it your warranty expires. take what ever issues that you might have and have the dealer take care of it before it's too late.
  18. Nissan to continue Titan!

    Titan General Discussion
    I don't know if this has already been discussed but found this article dated 4/9/09 stating Nissan will continue the Titan with or without Chrysler. With Or Without Chrysler, Nissan Titan Production Will Continue - Special Reports I for one would like to see it continue...
  19. Titan Advice!

    Titan General Discussion
    Hey guys im looking to buy a Titan and need some advice. I plan on putting a 6' ( body or suspension lift on it) which one looks better on Titans? 35'-36' BFG mud terrain tires new grill side plates and much more but my advice part is what color? i plan on going with black rims and a black...
  20. Red calipers on Smoke Titan?

    Titan General Discussion
    Do you guys think it would look good? The truck does have some red on the Pro-4X logo so maybe it would work, what do you guys think?