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  1. Fake Dodge Rumble Bee

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Smart *** kid in town has a red, Dodge Ram plain jane Hemi regular cab. And the guy he bought it from really fooled him good because it has the Rumble Bee sticker on the side which we all know adds 50hp. I got to doubting his truck and confirmed my suspicion......there is no such thing as a red...
  2. oil question... How long can it sit?

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    I have 7 quarts of mobile one 5-30 oil full syn. It has been sitting on my shelf for about 5 months is it still ok to use or do I need to buy some new oil?
  3. Only thing that sucks about the longbed....

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    It doesnt fit very well in parking lots lol Had a few more inches up front, but even with that it still wouldnt have completely fit, this is at our local Target. I know its a pretty pointless thread but hey atleast theres pictures!
  4. new T-rex billet grille & tailgate bib

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    hey guys, just put on a new grille and bib, thought i would share a few pics. new headlights and colormatched mirrors/handles/bumper in the near future :) btw, the directions for the grille are rediculous lol
  5. Bed camper

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Hey guys.. I'm new to this whole towing/hauling thing.. But if I was to get one of these bed campers, simular to the picture below.. will the Titan handle it?? I think the max bed payload is 1500lbs? But these thigns weigh in the mid 2k range right? I'll probably be buying a used one (nice, I...
  6. So you had a hard day at work...

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Makes me a little more thankful that I have a chill job lol YouTube - So you had a hard day at work...