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villim is pointless

  1. Pictures of the contents of the rear catalytic converters...

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Didn't bother to search, so someone may have posted this before.... This is the contents of one catalytic converter: And this is from two:
  2. Titan vs Mustang vs Maxima

    Titan General Discussion
    So anyways, my mom got my dad, brother, and me a really cool Christmas present. There's a track near where we live and she has rented it for an afternoon in the Spring. My brother, dad, and I are going to race each other. I'll have my Titan with Bullydog and Magnaflow muffler, brother will have...
  3. Question after Stillen Radiator intall or any radiator for that matter.

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    About a week ago I installed a stillen radiator after having 2 cracked plastic radiators. Well, about 2 days after that I noticed an oil leak. Took a look under the truck and saw that one of my hoses had a hole and was leaking transmission fluid. No biggie, so i changed the hose (it was about...
  4. Only thing that sucks about the longbed....

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    It doesnt fit very well in parking lots lol Had a few more inches up front, but even with that it still wouldnt have completely fit, this is at our local Target. I know its a pretty pointless thread but hey atleast theres pictures!