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  1. Need help with wheel size on 2019 Pro-4x

    Tires And Wheels
    I have a 2019 Nissan Titan Pro-4x with a 2” leveling kit in the front. I was wondering if anybody was running a 22” wheel and with what size tire on just a leveling kit. I’m trying to decide on 20” or 22” so if you have pictures please post. Thanks
  2. Stock rims, tires, tpms 2017 Pro4x Non-XD

    I'm selling my stock set of wheels of my 2017 pro4x. tires and tpms included. Wheels are 18". Tires are 275's. 27k on the tires. Located in Chantilly, VA. Will not ship. $550 and you can have them
  3. Wheel & Tire Package Discounts for Forum Members!

    Timeless Accessory Packages
    We are excited to be a new site sponsor here and offering exclusive discounted prices to all members! SAVE TIME & MONEY - Our specialty is Truck Wheel & Tire Packages, but we also carry a complete line of Suspension Systems and other accessories including Grilles, Bumpers, Fender...
  4. How much are 35s usually???

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I have a 2005 NISSAN TITAN Short bed and I want to put a 6" lift on it with 35s on the stock XE tires... i know this wont look the best but i dont have money to buy rims... PLEASE GIVE ME AN ESTIMATE OF HOW MUCH 4 35 inch tires would cost (dont really want the expensive brand) AND PLEASE give...
  5. Do I need to install a leveling kit to fit 285/60R18's?

    Titan Suspension
    I've got an '09 Pro-4X with stock 18" wheels with the stock 275/70R18 BF Goodrich's. As it's getting close to time to get new tires, I'm thinking about stepping up a notch to a 285/ it seems to be a cheaper size...and might even give it a better look. It'll be just a snatch taller...
  6. Titan 17" OEM wheels and 20" Tires F/S

    I live in North Carolina, and I have a set of 05 XE OEM wheels for sale with the center caps and lugs, they are the gray steel wheels Im asking $70 for them and I have a set of 275/55/20 Yokohama parada tires for sale they are used but will pass inspection. Im asking $70 for these also. These...
  7. FS: $450 '08 PRO-4x Wheels w/rugged trails

    FS: $400 '08 PRO-4x Wheels w/rugged trails -Harrisburg, PA UPDATE: FINAL PRICE DROP: $375!! Hi Guys, These were the stock wheels on my '08 Pro-4x. I bought regular stock wheels thanks to a heads up from this forum and like them better. 1/2 tread life left on the Rugged trails...
  8. stock steal 17in rims and tires 150 w/o shipping

    these wheels are like 75% tred 245 75 r17 located in folsom ca. if close come pick them up
  9. Cautious of aftermarket rims?

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    For my birthday my dad said he would hook me up and get me some rims for my truck. He called me the next day and said that some people at his work said that aftermarket rims would screw up alignment, shocks, etc. I HIGHLY doubt anything serious could happen, I mean look at all the people on the...
  10. FS: 18" OEM Titan Rims + Rim with new spare tire

    set of silver 5 spoke wheels & spare w/new tire $350 just got new rims for my titan so have the OEM titan 5 spoke wheels for sale . These are just the rims without tires. I also have the brand new spare tire with extra titan rim. So 5 wheels all together plus the spare tire already mounted for...
  11. FS: 4- Stock 18" Wheels of 04 SE 4x4 (NH)

    4- 18" Stock wheels of 2004 Titan SE w/ TPMS. $300.00 Plus shipping, OBO. They look great! (Will post pictures later)
  12. 2010 Pro4x Wheels n Tires

    I know i've talked about selling these in a couple threads on the forum, but i just wanted to finally post in the correct section with pics. Asking $1000 o.b.o for set of rims and tires (approx 1000 miles on tires)....wheels $500 $500 alone. Will entertain any reasonable offer...
  13. FS: 20inch chrome on 275/60 Cooper Zeon LTZ

    275/60/20 Cooper Zeon LTZ on some 20inch mb gunners. They come with the off road caps and tpms. Looking to sale or trade for some 17 or 18s on some 33, 34, 35s. Give me your best offeres or trades.
  14. stock wheels for sale or trade

    stock 17" steel wheels for sale or trade..Will be at SD MEET! have some 17" stockers from a xe for sale or trade for some audio equipment... pm me if interested! They are wrapped in some nitto terras but not much life left on em and i do have the wheel caps and lugs. I WILL BE AT THE SILVER...
  15. WTB: 18" aftermarket rims/wheels

    I am thinking about getting some aftermarket wheels soon. Can't really find something that suits me just this rate, I may just end up keeping stock but getting meatier tires. Anyone have any wheel sets for sale? I would like to keep the 18" size rather than going any
  16. F/S stock 18" wheels 08 pro-4x

    SOLD to cybercop these were on my 08.5 pro-4x they were used around 15,000 miles still in perfect shape except for one very very minor scrach that i think was there from the dealer. tires are bald, no tpms would like to do local sale not sure how to ship, if needed i will look into it. i would...
  17. FS - Set of 17" Offroad Alloy Wheels & Nissan Bed Extender

    Sold the Titan and am left with a couple items taking up room in the garage: - 4ea. 17" Offroad Titan Wheels, no tires - $100 for the set - Nissan branded Bed Extender (standard one that comes with the truck, not aftermarket) - $100 I'm located in Houston on the west side if interested...
  18. Lift and Wheels question

    Titan Suspension
    how much will a cheap but durable 6" lift with wheels run me? 4"? oh and it would be on a 2wd 04 Titan LE King Cab
  19. lift kits and tires

    Titan Suspension
    I've just bought an 04 Titan LE and am looking for a cheap lift and tires to put on. I'm thinking around 4-7" with 35" tires. I'm wondering if the lift will have a serious effect on the way the truck rides though. How much will this run me?
  20. Stock 18" Chromes to trade for Gunmetal - Texas

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    I have a set of the 18" Chrome OEM wheels that i would like to trade someone for Gunmetal wheels. They currently have some descent goodyear tires on them and i can trade with the tires for equal tires or without. Whichever is preferred, send me pics, let me know what you got. I live in San...