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  1. Where’s the gremlin??

    Electrical & Wiring
    07 - New to me with 303kms and I’m sure whoever has been playing with the wiring before me with rooftop beacon, trailer brakes, GPS all evidently previously installed and removed. I have daytime running lights, signals, brake, Interior lights, fog lights all work fine but no beam or taillights...
  2. 2006 Nissan Titan Accident Seatbelt issue.

    Electrical & Wiring
    So I’ve got this 2006 Nissan Titan that my dad used to own. He got into an accident, and the airbags and the seatbelt on the passenger side went off. So the seatbelt module had to be completely replaced. Now I’m working on getting it running again, that way it’ll pass inspection (didn’t due to...
  3. 2004 Titan battery fuses

    Titan General Discussion
    Hi, can anyone tell me if I'm missing something here on the fuse/terminal connector. Specifically the part I circled in the pic. Looks like a fuse goes here? Or is it just a cover missing?

    Electrical & Wiring
    I have tried searching a little through the forum and didn’t really find anything for my questions. Recently i swapped out my factory alternator with a new one. Still oem style 130A. Added some fresh Thicker grounds and power wires while i was under there, i also cut off the oem terminal rings...
  5. Rigid Lights........

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hello Everyone, What kind of interest is there in the Rigid Industries branding of lights? Some guys love em, Some think they are over priced. What Rigid part numbers are on your wish list? We have have done a lot of installs for the other makes of truck guys and they are a top quality light for...
  6. 04 LE Big Tow Mirror Wiring Needed

    Titan General Discussion
    I own a 2004 Titan LE. The other day I was taking apart my door panel and accidentally pulled out the wires to the mirrors in the switch panel. I have gone to Nissan as well as other local shops and no one seems to be able to get their hands on a proper wiring diagram. I have 7 wires and all the...
  7. Dash Light Wiring Question

    Titan Interior Discussion
    I want to add some 3mm LEDs to the interior connected to the dash lights. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best place (or places) to tap into the wiring harness. Thanks!
  8. Dome lights & cab light flashing while listening to loud music

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Hi! :hi: Has anyone ever had this problem with their Titan? And if so, do you know what I should do? I just recently became the proud owner of a 2004 Nissan Titan and everytime I play my music loud, the interior dome lights flash along with the outdoor cab light. Also, the "Open Door Warning...
  9. Running Wires Outside To The Battery

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have 4 wires that I need to run outside, one 3 gauge wire for my amp and 3 smaller 14 gauge wires for my p.a. In the past I have ran them through my firewall in the passenger-side but water runs into my truck from the a/c drain that is also located there. Anyone know of other ways to run wires...
  10. How to install run wire through Titan Cabin to rear with PICS

    Titan Interior Discussion
    couldn't find instructions with pics, so I did it myself. I'm still very new to mods and don't have much skill, but hopefully this will help other new guys out. I installed a set of auxiliary or mini fogs lights on my hitch to act as brighter backup lights / reverse lights. Here is how to...
  11. Fog Light Wiring Question

    Titan FAQ & How to Area
    So I purchased a set of OEM fog and a switch that will fit in the dash and replace one of the black that is currently there. I did not want to replace the entire stalk and the switch that I got looks like a factory switch for fog lights, just not a Titan specific switch. I have looked all over...
  12. Pre-Wiring for Sonar Back-up System?

    Titan General Discussion
    Does anyone know if a non-sonar equipped truck would have the pre-wiring for the sonar system? I'm really only interested in finding the plug for the switch that goes in the lower left dash. I have the diagram for that particular harness it looks liek it is supposed to be right next to teh...
  13. Bull Bar Lights, How to wire in?

    Titan General Discussion
    I have been considering installing lights on my bull bar. What is the best way to wire them in? I'm not really crazy about putting in a toggle switch.