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0 - 60 Cummins 5.0

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Just curious what you are all getting in 0-60, I know this isn't designed to be a racing truck but pushing 11 seconds to get an on a highway merge can be white knuckling when you got a 18 wheeler coming up behind you...

2017 Nissan Titan XD SV Cummins 5.0
-S&B Cold Air Intake
-6 inch lift
  • 35" Toyo
  • Tuned
  • Deleted
  • Jamo Exhaust
  • Pedal Commander

Here are my numbers:
With Tune Turned to 1 and Pedal Commander Off: 10.5 Seconds
With Tune Turned to 1 and Pedal Commander Max: 9.67 Seconds
With Tune Turned to Max and No Pedal Commander: 8.99 Seconds
With Tune Turned to Max and Pedal Commander to Max: 8.40 Seconds.

I have nothing to compare it too, so just curious on your set up and your numbers.
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8.4 doesn't seem bad for a large diesel powered truck. i have never owned a diesel but they always seemed slow when taking off from the light as stock trucks
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The only one I have been in, a diesel, is my dad had a mid to late 90s 6 speed ram dually. That thing was quick but I figured it was because it was a stick. Dad would start in second and it moved pretty good.

The ones I see normally seem to be automatics
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