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0 - 60 Cummins 5.0

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Just curious what you are all getting in 0-60, I know this isn't designed to be a racing truck but pushing 11 seconds to get an on a highway merge can be white knuckling when you got a 18 wheeler coming up behind you...

2017 Nissan Titan XD SV Cummins 5.0
-S&B Cold Air Intake
-6 inch lift
  • 35" Toyo
  • Tuned
  • Deleted
  • Jamo Exhaust
  • Pedal Commander

Here are my numbers:
With Tune Turned to 1 and Pedal Commander Off: 10.5 Seconds
With Tune Turned to 1 and Pedal Commander Max: 9.67 Seconds
With Tune Turned to Max and No Pedal Commander: 8.99 Seconds
With Tune Turned to Max and Pedal Commander to Max: 8.40 Seconds.

I have nothing to compare it too, so just curious on your set up and your numbers.
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8.4 doesn't seem bad for a large diesel powered truck. i have never owned a diesel but they always seemed slow when taking off from the light as stock trucks
the XD's are super slow in stock form. probably contributed to why they ended the 5.0. I wanted one, but it couldnt get out of it's own way. I'm sure his tuned one feels fantastic compared to stock though.

my 6.7 will hit 80 before i merge on the freeway as a reference.
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