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0-60mph time seems off?

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i've recently done a few 0-60 runs with my gtech and i'm getting anywhere from 7.0 to 7.5...that just seems kinda slow to me since I've got I/E and a TBS....the only things i've done that could slow my time down that i know is mud terrain tires (although they are no bigger than the stock tires were) and a leveling kit...I do have 4wd w/big tow and it is a crew cab so its on the heavier side as far as configurations launches are bad though b/c of the tires which cuts down on the time but I think I should be just under 7 assuming I can get a good launch :upsidedow
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flowmasters arent well known on this truck for producing results.. to get the proper low end torque/ power you want thier is only one solution..
get the jba catback and uprev tune those both should easily get you into the 6.3 0-60mph region..
yeah, I know I lost a little low end b/c of the flowmaster dual exhaust but hopefully it makes up for it on the top end but that certainly isn't helping my 0-60...I haven't tried using the gtech for the 1/4 yet

I haven't decided if I want to drop tons of money into the titan yet because I'm thinking of trading it in for a fast car...I love the truck but I have a strong desire to go fast so it might be time to jump into something that was made for that purpose
Your tires may be contributing more to the loss than the exhaust. Not sure how heavy the GY MTRs are but my BFG MTs are stock sized and are 14lbs heavier a piece. I had a noticable loss in acceleration until I went with I/E combo. A question: if it's more speed you're after, why didn't you go with a more streetable tire instead of the MTRs? Not that there's nothing wrong with a quick, off-road biased truck, you just have to compromise somewhere, or start laying down the cash for more mods, nothing wrong with that either.:upsidedow
I have a 4x4, with same things, except no TBS but with a 2* and I am around 7.2 consistently.
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