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04 Nissan Titan - Black/BLACK SE-Loaded 100k miles.

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I bought it from original owner, meticulously maintained.

100,xxx miles

Last December Work Performed....
Brand New Tires All Around
New Frozen Rotors ( Frozen Rotors - High Performance Brake Pads, Brake Rotors ) Amazing product
New Pads
New Koyo Radiator
NEW BANKS Catback Exhaust ( )
Over 2,500 $ in maintenance, you will not need to do anything to this truck for another 30-40k miles. Never had a problem, ever. The Only issue is the keyless remote has stopped working, It may need new batteries, I don't know yet, I figured when I took it into inspection Id have that fixed. Thats it!
Stainless Steel Grilles
Every Option From Factory, Leather, Rockford fosgate factory system, tow package, simply loaded.
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ok dude....i really don't think this is your picture of the exhuast.
maybe yours looks like it. but if you post pics of your OWN exhuast and truck. that would be great.
Pictures would help out much!
yeah definitely pics
I was actually looking for a kayo radiator a few nights ago and didn't see any applications for our truck. Can you please guide me to where you bought yours, since it's new?
I think rock auto has them.
i checked and nothing. thanks anyway. I found it online but it's not full aluminum, it's plastic on top and bottom. i wanted something like the stillen model.

Good luck on the sale swagss!
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