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04 Nissan Titan For Sale

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I must sell my Titan.:crying: I am going back to school and am going to be driving many miles.

04 Nissan Titan Crew Cab SE 2wd

Mileage: Just under 41,000

Color: Green

Interior: Grey and Tan Cloth

Extras: AEM Cold Air Intake, Magna Flow Exhaust, 4 piece billet grill, LED third brake light, tinted vinyl light covers for headlights and taillights, Alpine headunit, bedliner with bed extender, utility rack system with straps and tie downs, tinted windows, sliding rear window, step rails.

Other: Tires have only 7000 miles on them with the 6 spoke LE wheels, the brakes were warrantied at 26,000 miles, the bedliner is brand new (warranty)

The truck is in great shape. I do have some minor scratches on some the truck and a small dent next to the passenger rear door. Most of the scratches can be buffed out and the dent can probably be fixed by one of those dentless repair places.

I will get some pics ASAP. I am currently at work and will not be home till tomorrow evening.

Asking price is 20,000 O.B.O.


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I finally got some pics of the truck.

Also, I am located in Jacksonville, Fl.



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Nice truck man. You should'nt have a problem selling it in sunny Florida.
Thanks for the compliment.

A couple of things that I forgot to add. The truck has a leveling kit on it. Hood and rain deflectors. I think that is it.
The exhaust tip is not stock. Did you get a whole system or just the tip? Should sound better at least.
Nice looking truck.
It is an aftermarket exhaust. Magnaflow exhaust with custom piping from were the exhaust becomes one all the way to the end.


movin on up
Is anybody interested? can't sale it for that can get these off of ebay for like 18,500
I know that I will not get what I am asking for it. That is why I put the O.B.O. next to the price. I figured that somebody would offer me a price of what it is worth. Blue Book value is around 18,000 to 19,000 and I have over a $1,000 dollars in upgrades.

If anybody is interested, please let me know. I must get rid of the truck because I am going back to school. Must save some money. :deathsent

Movin on Up

New Offer
$19,000 O.B.O.
Still for sale. Just movin it up.

Make me an offer.

Just curious what was wrong with your bed liner?
Good luck!
The bedliner had some bubbles in it and Nissan replaced it under factory warranty.
Still for sale.


This is a steal with all the extras
Still for sale

Movin on up
free bump!!!!!
I must sell this truck. I am going to lower the price one more time. This is the best offer that I can make because this is what I owe on the truck.

$17,500 firm

Still looking for a buyer
Somebody buy me
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