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Hey everyone. I am selling my 2004 Nissan Titan LE with 175k miles on it. I let a friend borrow it to move a couch and it looks like he seized the engine on it. I do not know exactly what happened as I was not there. Engine pulls codes for starter/camshaft position/crankshaft position. Truck ran great up to that day. All colors of liquids look good and do not smell burnt. Extras I installed are

Stillen solid aluminum radiator
Stillen add on transmission cooler
K&N intake
Leveling Kit
35" tires
Replaced Front and Rear Differentials

Truck is the loaded model with
Rockford Sound
Locking Differential

I really wish I did not have to get rid of it and had a garage big enough to replace it myself with time. I have had it a long time.

Please call if you are interested.



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