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04 Rear diff went kaput, pics. ideas or sugestions

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as the tittle says guys...

i was driving and when i hit the cruise control, and the tranny downshifted it went kaput..

i was thinking the tranny went 10 7 but once i the tow truck got there and we lift the truck we saw the oil and the tire in an angle..

hopefully nothing wrong with the tranny,

tomorrow ill open it and look into the pinion and check the gears..

question: has this happened to someone here? i know here are many diff failures but i want to know if someone had it like mine, that the tire even has an angle..

would i need to replace the whole diff or just the gears and the seals on the side?


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Damn, dude, that sucks :( Sorry to hear it
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I'm just waiting for mine to go, it's brand new but I keep reading about headers and rear diffs and holding my breath for that day. I'm broke AFFFFF so when it happens I'm screwed
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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