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'04 SE column shifter won't come out of park!

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OK...who has heard of this one? There is absolutely nothing wrong with my truck other than it has become almost impossible to get out of park. No rattles, clunks, bangs, creaks etc. It has been at the dealership since last wednesday waiting to see if Nissan will cover REPLACING THE STEERING COLUMN! I have 33K on the truck, but went over warranty by 5 days. The diagnosis of replacing the entire steering column came from the shop at the dealer.

So...I have never been off the road, bouncing through mud puddles or anything like that, plus with gas prices, I do drive it carefully.

Someone tell me how I could need a repair like this after 33K miles? What???

Any ideas out there?
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Colding...the problem is intermittent, but definately getting worse. As far as parking, I am on a completely flat surface (garage, parking lots etc)

Warrior...the reason I posted the prob is that Nissan is not covering the repair...I was 5 days too late and the warranty expired! Gak! Gimmie a break...5 days!

I already have the 1-800 nissan1 folks working on it, but I can't get them to call me back even with a file number. Looks like I am toast for now!

I will try searching the forums...I just saw the search box. I missed it before.

Thanks folks!
OK...the "goodwill" repair attempt is underway. I am expecting a call today or tomorrow from the district folks at Nissan. Hopefully, the 33K miles with only 5 days over warranty time will sway them. Other than that, I did find some interesting items on column shifters in the forums. 4th fuse from the top on the right side of the fuse box seems to be a suspect in this as well.

Other than this issue, 4 re-paints of the front passenger side bumpers due to clear coat peeling, (they could NOT get the clearcoat to stick) 3 recalls, tire-pressure monitor failure, a short circuit in the power window switch, having the rotors and calipers replaced and a mystery "service engine soon" light last year, I have had my truck into the shop for about 15 trips.
Thanks for the replies folks...I just now heard back from the Nissan people at the district. They are replacing the steering column for me at no charge. I have to admit, I was losing faith. However, they too agreed that there is no reason for the steering column to need replacing at only 33K. advice if you ever have reason for a goodwill honest be nice and the good folks at Nissan will hook you up.

BTW...the fuses were all intact, but that is a good thing to know.
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