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'04 SE column shifter won't come out of park!

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OK...who has heard of this one? There is absolutely nothing wrong with my truck other than it has become almost impossible to get out of park. No rattles, clunks, bangs, creaks etc. It has been at the dealership since last wednesday waiting to see if Nissan will cover REPLACING THE STEERING COLUMN! I have 33K on the truck, but went over warranty by 5 days. The diagnosis of replacing the entire steering column came from the shop at the dealer.

So...I have never been off the road, bouncing through mud puddles or anything like that, plus with gas prices, I do drive it carefully.

Someone tell me how I could need a repair like this after 33K miles? What???

Any ideas out there?
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This has happened before, but sounds to me as though the problem was different. There is some type of clip near the column/dash that can either break off or come loose and become wedged somehow, thus preventing you from shifting out of [P] There is a thread on here somewhere about it, try searching maybe.

I think that if that^^ was the problem, the dealer would have easily reconciled the problem by now. Sounds to me like larger issues. If indeed they do need to replace the entire column, feel fortunate you're covered under warranty. Just so you know, this isn't a common problem at all, so I wouldn't worry about it happening again after this fix.
Try getting them to do a "Good Will repair on it for you"
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