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04' Titan 220,000k 2wd BAD MISFIRE!

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Hey guys needing some help with figuring out my misfire! Started getting a little misfire 2 months ago replaced plugs it reduced the mis. Gradually it got worse, after driving about 45 min at 80 m.p.h. No engine light came on so i put the truck in neutral turned key off started it back misfire would go away. Yesterday it was misfiring so bad it lost all power and was shaking the hole truck like king kong had ahold of it, couldnt pull itself, but ran fine at idol.Turned it off tried to start back and it took alot of cranks to get it started, when it did,the misfire was terrible. Can someone please guide me on what i should check to fix it. Thanks in advance!
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i had the same issue with king kong shaking the truck and it was 2 front cats are clogged
Possible clogged primary cats if all the other part listed have been changed. Cats and cracked manifolds are a known issue on these trucks.
my primaries are clogged but my manifold is not, solution?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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