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04 titan 2wd leaking exhaust?

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Hello. I stumbled upon a deal on a 04 titan 2wd. probably should have known better. it has an exhaust leak and the check engine light on. it sounds like possibly a crack manifold from some quick googling and sounds like a PITA. it does have 78k miles and i saw something about a possible 80k or 100k extended warranty on the manifolds though. 2004 was 13 years ago would i have any luck at a dealer? what would be my best option? other than changing oil i'm not very auto savvy so doing this myself is pretty much out of the question. thanks
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manifolds are cracked
the best fix is jba long tubes and uprev talk to nightowl or semore4 with Cajun they will get you a long term fix
already contacted them thank you. any idea what to expect in labor time from a mechanic? what would the tuning run?

also just for some clarification what is the advantage in headers vs replacing with another oem manifold.
Might wanna do some research on the 80K emissions warranty. . not to take away business from the header guys but if you can get it replaced under warranty for free, why not? Plus if they crack eventually you can do headers at that point years down the road. just my opinion.
truck is under 80k miles but isnt there an 8 year rule, whichever come first? or am i still eligible
not in california so dont have that issue but in hawaii though so would prefer to deal locally. local guy said he could do JBA long tube headers. can I just do the headers and not need new cats or exhaust or tune? biggest thing for me is wanting better gas mileage
If you dont have emissions testing (pretty sure you don't) you can get by with just the headers and tune. What island are you on?
im on maui maybe youre coming for vacation any time soon? heh. for the tune would i need a bodyshop or is this something i can do in my garage. (sry im clueless) debating just selling and cutting my losses $ starting to add up
also the mechanic i talked to didnt think i needed a new tune if i kept things stock with the new jba lts. is this a better safe than sorry thing? or absolute necessity to avoid long term engine issues. i thought i had seen on aanother thread that tune wasnt needed with new headers

edit nvm looks like it might be model dependent? and the 04s need it. i guess id better start saving
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