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My 2004 Titan XE King Cab just turned over 50K miles, and I wanted to provide a quick summary of my ownership experience. I purchased the truck new in June 2004 for $18,500 plus TT&L (no options). You can buy this truck new today for $16,500, which is an incredible deal in my book.

I have had no real issues with the truck in my 50K miles. Here are the "issues" I've had:

1. The engine was making a ticking noise, which I eliminated by adding an additional ground cable. I learned about this solution from this web site.

2. I had the brake pads/rotors replaced under the brake TSB/warranty. They weren't bad but were starting to vibrate.

3. The battery died last month. I don't blame this on the truck though.

That's it! I replaced the diff fluid with synthetic shortly after purchase and drained/refilled the tranny fluid at 30K miles. Other than that, it's regular oil changes. The truck has seen about 2000 miles of towing 5000 lbs. It's been a great tow vehicle. It pulls strong and is very stable.

I see a lot of threads on here about Titan reliability, and I can say that my experience has been great so far.
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