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04 titan carputer build

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I'm about to start my carputer build in the titan.. I think i've got my computer picked out but i'm trying to figure out how to mount the screen.. My question is do any of you know where i can find a dash kit that will house a 7" screen like in the place of the factory radio?

My truck doesn't have the nav or dvd. Just the 6 disc changer and radio..
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I'm hoping to do something like what shdw03 did with the 10.4" screen.. In that case i'll do some of the same dash mods as far as cutting and molding.. As far as the computer goes i'll probably get one from All of their computers come with a built in power supply all from $250 - $1000. I'll keep posted. Thanks to any install tips and help
titanss said:
You can buy the nav bezel and install a screen like this thread. Remove the space between club titan.
Where do you find one like that? This one was sold..
titanss said:
Yes, it was sold, it is in my shop right now. Waiting to finish up a few more mods before i install it. Take one part nav bezel and one part 7" screen and blend. Link Nav Bezel:
Yea I'm going to do just the 7" lilliput and then after i find a clean amp for my components i'll get rid of the factory radio, do some dash cutting and upgrade to the 10.4".
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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