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04 Titan Over Heating

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I damaged my 04 Titan's Radiator stem to the reservoir with about 160K miles on the unit.

I replaced the radiator, fan clutch, thermostat, coolant, purged (using the fill and run heat with RC off method), and I keep seeing the needle get to the line before hot when I idle and high temp oil light comes on rarely.

When I start moving, it cools down. I tried towing a small load and it stayed on hot. Have been nursing it for a while but I want to resolve it.

In my prior business, I would let it idle in the summer for hours and had no problems.:frown:
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I have not use the exact purge method you did. I park my Titan on an incline, let it run with the radiator cap and reservoir cap off keeping an eye on the fluid level. Takes maybe 15 minutes.

Your symptom is common for a system that has air in it.
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