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04 Titan Rear Brake Suggestions

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Looking to replace my rear pads and rotors and need suggestions. I don't really need slotted and cross drilled racing performance solutions but don't want the other end of the spectrum either. Thanks

Also, my original user account is no longer active and had to make this last minute. Who do I need to get with?
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Don't get slotted and drilled rotors... UGH!
They are great if you don't tow and only drive flat roads.

I did it on mine. Well in the mountains once you start using them, they they make noise when you apply pressure. And when you really use them in the twisties, your brakes go away quickly.
I know the Titan isn't a Camaro, but it sure drives like one in the curves.

I will be going back to solid rotors.

When my wife bought her 2012 Camaro RS, I made the comment that it handles like a Titan.
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