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hey everyone I am looking to buy a 04 nissan titan.I went and looked at one today crew cab 51,000 miles good cond. the only problem is all the warning lights are on(check engine,brake,slip,)and theres another one with three letters.the seller says its a recall is that possible?what type of problems should i be aware of with these type of trucks? besides the rear end diff.THANK YOU
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what type of problems should i be aware of with these type of trucks?
rear axle seal leaks
power steering hose leaks
transmission cooler hose leaks
cracked leaking radiator on plastic bottom tank (which can lead to overheating and head gasket failure - usually indicated by white smoke)
cat failure (which can throw codes and can lead to engine failure)
exhaust manifold cracks (cat & integrated manifold warrantied to 80K under federal emission warranty)
spring shackle failure
transmission mount failure
IPDM ECU relay (recalled)
If OEM, shocks need to be replaced by 50k
brake judder (there was a recall w/improved rotors)

Many different things can cause ABS, brake, slip, lights, such as low brake fluid, bad ABS sensors/cables, melted rear harness. Check engine light is usually some emissions related like bad cats, leaking fuel cap, bad evap cannister.

You could take it to AutoZone and they will read the codes.
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