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There are already a few threads on this subject. A few too many, in my opinion, and some misinformation also. Therefore, I thought I would just consolidate what I learned on TT, and from my own experience.

My vehicle: 2004 XE King Cab, no big tow.
My brake controller: Tekonsha Prodigy

The 2004 XE without Big Tow is the only Titan NOT pre-wired for a brake controller. For all other Titans, you can buy a connector that plugs directly from your brake controller into a pigtail under the driver’s side dash (up high next to the wall).

The ‘4 XE models are prewired for trailer brake controllers except for this pigtail. The pigtail goes from behind the driver’s side kick panel to under the dash. By not putting pigtails in the XE, Nissan was able to price the XE model $0.60 less than the SE. Since you do not have the pigtail, you do not need to buy a connector. Just use the one that comes with the brake controller.

By hand, remove the driver’s side sill plate. It just pops up, and then slides back. This makes it easier to remove the kick panel.

To remove the driver’s side kick panel. Remove the fastener by pulling the center part out first, then pry out the whole fastener, and remove the kick panel. With the kick panel removed, there is an obvious white structure with several wiring receptacles attached to it. The top receptacle is the wiring for brake controllers. It has three wires to it. With your thumbnail, slide the electrical tape, back far enough to identify the colors. There should be a large red one, a brown/white one, and a red/green one. Remove the receptacle from the white structure by sliding it toward you.

12V+ Battery Power | Nissan-Red | Prodigy-Black
Trailer Brakes | Nissan-Brown w/ White Trace | Prodigy-Blue
Brake Switch Signal | Nissan-Red w/ Green Trace | Prodigy-Red
Ground | Nissan-none | Prodigy-White

To connect the controller wires, remove four to six inches of electrical tape from the wires. I used wire tap-in squeeze connectors (Radio Shack Model: 64-3052), “Connecting wires is a breeze with these handy connectors. Just insert the unstripped 18-14 gauge wire in the connector, push the contact down flush with the connector and snap the hinged cover in place. It is that easy! No stripping or splicing.” Using these connectors really is easy and leaves the existing receptacle intact. Slide the receptacle back on.

There is no ground wire to that receptacle. There is, however, a ground screw just below the white structure that goes into the body. It has a 10-mm head. Remove the screw. Scrape the paint off the recessed surface beneath the head. Crimp a solderless ring terminal to the white ground wire, put the screw through it, and reinstalled the screw.

That is it for the electrical. You might want to plug in the controller and check it out before you reinstall the kick panel and the sill plate.

I mounted the controller as far right as possible, but not interfering with the OBD2 connection. Use the bracket as a template, and drill into the metal dash beam.

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Using this guide to hook up my Prodigy controller to my 04 XE non big-tow. I thought I had everything hooked up correctly, but the controller is showing the 2 little dots. According to the manual this means it's not recognizing the trailer.
- The trailer is plugged into the 7 pin controller
- The ground/power/brake all match up correctly using a testlight
- The trailer has a directly wired brakeaway switch; so should not be an issue.

I will say what I know, but there is nothing obvious. The first dot means you have power. The second dot means you have 'boost'. So I am guessing it's strictly a brake problem.

Check the "Nissan-Brown w/ White Trace | Prodigy-Blue" connection. If that's okay, then the prodigy should be connected properly.

Turn the key on, connect the trailer and twist the manual handle on the bottom of the prodigy. If you see numbers, you are golden.

I don't know of anything to check on the Nissan. If there is a wiring problem, I would suspect the trailer first. At the trailer plug, try touching 12V across the brake and ground wires and listen for them to actuate. Maybe you have a trailer brake wiring problem.

Good luck!:confused:
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