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Ok im new here. I just got my 05 red KC Big Tow 4x4 Titan after i totaled my 04 Super cab 4x4 F150 which i had a 3in level kit and 34s on it:bangit:. I am wanting to get about the same height out of my titan but would like a little more flex in the suspension. Also i want to sit level, or as close to it, when sitting still and driving/accelerating so im thinkin an AAL is what id need in the rear. For the front/rear im thinkin about the PRG 4WD Radflo/Icon Shock Combo kit.

I mainly do mid level off roading/mudding. I want a smoother ride while driving down dry rutted backroads and fields.

How would this workout for me? And would i need anything else special?


Here is my truck
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