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05 Towing Capacity? Towing to Central Mexico

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Hi, New Here, just bought a 2005 Titan XE.

I am getting ready to move to Guadalajara Mexico. I have a 2005 XE, 38K miles on it. What size and weight trailer can I pull?

I get different answers depending on whom I ask. UHAUL - 9400lbs.
Quality Bumper: 6400lbs. Champion Motors: 26FT trailer with about 8400 lbs.

PLS HELP -NEED to MOVE NLT than SEPT 1 which means I have to buy a trailer by then - looking to hear back from those TITAN owners actually towing.

email: [email protected]

Feel free to call: 928-254-9542

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Okay, maybe I am not correctly communicating this. I know very little about the towing world, and, still unclear.

My 05 XE is a 4x2. No receiver hitch but a TOW MODE button on the console.

Given that I will be hauling about four bedrooms worth of furniture - what size trailer can I Max out at? 20ft, 25ft? etc...

Is the Titan towing weight, the weight of the trailer? or loaded?

Any input is greatly appreciated

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In 05 the XE was not available with big tow.
Your 05 XE has a max. towing capacity of 6500 lbs. That would be the weight of the trailer + what ever you are hauling. Don't forget if you have stuffs in the bed and passengers do come into account.
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