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06 King Cab NO rear speakers

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Have been pulling my hair out on this, RF head unit on 06 King Cab, shows headphone Icon on display, NO rear speakers, No button to turn it on. Any ideas.


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Did you verify that you had the RF amp and the sub under the drivers seat?

Did you try and adjust the fade from front to rear?
Hit the REAR A/V button, and you should get the rears back
Has AMP and Sub,,, there is NO button for rear speakers, see photo......
Look in the rear cabin, there should be a panel for rear audio. Look for a switch with the headphone/speaker symbol. Pushing that switch should turn the rear speakers on.
King cab doesn't have rear audio. You need to press in on the "tune/channel" knob 3-4 times until you get to the front to rear fader and balance it out. If that doesn't do anything for you, then you need to get the dealer to check it out.
If this is an 06 does it have a warantee?

Did you look through the speaker grills to see if there is a speaker in there? If you use a flashlight you should be able to tell easily.
Yes, the KCs are not supposed to have rear audio, but the display is showing a headphone symbol. Somehow the HU computer 'thinks' the system has rear audio and headphones are selected.

It is possible that the HU configured itself for hardware that is not equipped. What you could try is a reset - disconnect the ground connection from the battery for a few minutes then reconnect. If the HU returns to its present state, then there is likely a problem with the HU, Hopefully, it's still in warranty!!
Also the king cabs have wiring problems in the rear doors as well.
tech12volt said:
Also the king cabs have wiring problems in the rear doors as well.
Good point tech. There is a recall for '04-early '06 kingcabs due to the wire covering between the cab and the door. The wires may have shorted and caused a problem in your system. Your dealer can let you know if yours is included. You can check yourself and see if the covering over the rear door wires is split and see if any of the wires have broken.

Here is a copy of the recall wording:
Nissan has determined that on some 2004 – 2006 model year Titan King Cab vehicles, a defect that relates to motor vehicle safety exists.
In some affected vehicles, there is the possibility that the wires in the harness routed through the rear doors and into the body on each side of the vehicle may break due to over bending of the harness as the doors are opened and closed. The wires in the harness control various systems including the seat belt pretensioners, the passenger side seat belt tension sensor, and rear audio speakers.
If the wire for the seat belt pretensioners breaks and makes contact with a wire for the speaker, there is a possibility that the pretensioner may deploy and tighten the seat belt. If this happens when the belt is retracted, it will not be possible to use the seat belt. If one of the wires for the seat belt tension sensor breaks inside the passenger side harness, the passenger side front air bag will not deploy as designed in a frontal crash. Nissan is conducting a Voluntary Recall Campaign to inspect the wire harness cover for damage and, if necessary, a new wiring harness with a new type cover will be installed and​
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all they do is pull back the insulation for the wires and look if the wires have any damage. And if they do they rip apart your entire interior and install all new wiring. If not they throw some loom over them and tape it up.

If the speaker wires are shorted against the seat belt wires the seatbelts will stay retracted.
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