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07 Catalytic Converters

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i've got an 07 4X4 Titan SE. I was told that there are four cats on it. is this true? if so, could i get two of them gutted and still be legal? my problem is i don't like the sound of my dual magnaflow exhaust and i think it would help a lot to get rid of 2 of the cats if that's my problem. any info you guys have would be appreciated.
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that would be nice but i'm pretty sure there is an 8 year/ 80000 mile period where u can't do anything to your cats without voiding warranty. i want to gut 2 of mine (if i really have 4 total) which i know is illegal and would void the warranty, but i did it on a chevy i used to own and no one ever found out. i just want to know if it would give it a louder more aggresive sound. but i also want to know if it would screw my truck up, cuz if its gonna mess it up then i'm not gonna touch them. any input would be appreciated.
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