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07 Titan, elec window problems

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Has anyone had an 07 Titan 4 door where the front elec windows rolled down by themselves? I drove mine home today in the Florida rain, parked it in the drive way, armed the factory alarm, and went inside. Came out a little later, just as rain had stopped to find both front windows all the way down. Is it possible that some electrical interference with a wireless gadget could roll down my windows? I know I left them up, because it was raining the whole time I was driving and when I parked... I've had the truck since 9-1-07, not pleased with this feature. ---- Problem solved, thanks to one of the faithful members. The unlock button on my keyfob must have been pressed too long while it was in my pocket and I was working on the trailer harness adapter. Thank you for the answer.
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Was it still locked when you came out? I know they have a feature where you can press and hold the unlock button and it will roll down the front 2 windows for you.

I had that happen to mine one time when the key fob pressed against something in my pocket without me knowing it
I don't think so, I'll check that right now!
I had this problem twice on my 05, the symptoms were a little different each time, but the cause was the same, a bad BCM module.
The first time, I would go park the truck and a few hours later I would notice that the windows were down. I would roll them up and a few hours later the same thing.
The second time, the windows would roll down as soon as I pulled the keys from the ignition, sometimes the horn would even go off.
The fix was fairly simple and only took a few minutes.
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