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07 Titan For Sale

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Selling my titan already. It's an 07 SE 4X4, Red Braun color, grey cloth interior, heavy duty suspension, running boards, nothing wrong with it, things have come up and i need a smaller vehicle payment. It's a 36,000 dollar truck, retailing right now for 32,000. i'm only askin 29,500. anybody interested hit me up.
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No offense, but anyone could go to a Nissan dealership and get a brand new 08, probably with more options, for less than your asking price. Especially someone with the knowledge from this site. Put an ad in your local paper or trader mag and see if you get any bites.
Maybe where your from you can, but down here an 08 with anymore options than mine has is 42,000. like i said, this one is retailing at 32,000 as a used truck. i would rather keep the payments then lose my butt completely. that's why the askin price is what it is. i just bought it brand new and there was no way i could could have got an 08 with more options for the price i got this 07.
Pics? Location? Those might help!
i'm located in amarillo texas. no pics yet. hope to get some soon.
ToreyC said:
i'm located in amarillo texas. no pics yet. hope to get some soon.
Good place to seel your truck. Everyone needs a truck in Texas!! LOL
hell yea you do. i'm doubtin i will get it sold...specially not on here, but it's worth a shot. it's kind of one of those deals, if it sells it sells, if it do'nt it do'nt. no big deal either way, just figured i would see what comes out of me posting on here.
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