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07 titan front-end noises

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Hello everyone, read alot of threads here and they have been a lot of help but I need help with an issue..
2007 Titan 2wd...have replaced springs with 08's, new uca's and lca's and shocks, and outer tie rod ends, I have even added the derlin spacers for lca, but front end is till popping when turning at low speeds...inner tie rods ?

Also this just started...if accelerated quickly from a stop, then let off the the gas, the driver front wheel makess a noise I have only ever heard when abs engages...abs/speed sensor??? But I have no check engine light or abs light on when this accrues..
Wheel bearing??? But there is no play in the hub with jacked up off the ground and it spins ok..
Any ideas please...Thanks
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Can't be the CV joints on a two wheel drive Titan.

How many miles on the vehicle? So I would go with wheel bearings. My '07 4x4 needed wheel bearings at around 90k miles.
Isn’t the 2wd FWD? My bad, I thought fwd.. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hubs aren’t too expensive anyway. Timken always best option imo
Nope, rear wheel drive. Same spindle as 4x4, just no axles going through the wheel hub/bearing assembly.
I don't rebuild calipers. I get new ones. I don't turn rotors either. It's a matter of time available.
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If you support the front end with jack stands so that both tires are off the ground, do you get the noise when turning the steering wheel fully left and right?
Titan steering boxes haven't been a huge problem, but when they go it's something that needs to be fixed. There were a number of posts from way back where tightening up the box resolved an issue. I don't recall if the issue at hand was just noise though.
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