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07 Titan-Magnaflow---True Duals or dual inlet/single outlet?

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i have true dual flowmaster 40 series run to the bumper and dumped, and don't like the sound. i want something that is deeper so i have decided to switch to magnaflow. what would be better sound wise and performance wise? a dual in/ single out magnaflow.... or run tru duals single in/ single out? i really need some info. cuz i'm makin the swap by friday and i can't make up my mind. thanks for any help you can give me.
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I went with duals from the cats back. An "X" was installed after the cats where the tubes run together. Two seperate mufflers then twin tubes out the back.
I love the sound, no drone and the "X" eliminates the low end power loss that some systems have.
Check out this thread from Shailey. All the exhaust info you could ask for!!
clubtitan. org/forums/showthread.php?t=13250
thanks for the info. that site basically says that with an 07 the best way to go is with a single muffler dual in single out. if anybody disagrees and has another suggestion plz let me know. i just have one more day till im' set up to change it out. thanks again for the replys, i really appreciate it.
search for thread on new (unreleased) Nismo exhaust. 2 muffs, 2.25" pipes. no x-pipe.
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