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07 titan need to clear 38

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Hey i got i 07 titan le with 6 inch procomp and 35/12.5 and it rubs. i currently have the lift and tires off. I am wanting to be able to clear 39s or somewhere is that range without having to get a different lift kit, even if it means a BL whech i havent been able to find for a 07. Can anyone tell me what i need to do to achive this and approx what it may cost.
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i have the same problem. not the tire rub. i want bigger. i have 7 in kit thinking about body lift. with my kit and a 3in bl total of 10in should get 38's at least 37s. good luck


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The only problem with that is i cant find a bl for the 07 they all say 04-05 do you know of anyone that makes it.
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