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07 Titan OEM Hitch Install in 15 mins

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Bought the OEM 2007 trailer hitch today at the local Nissan dealer for $249 out the door.

In the box was:

1. OEM Hitch
2. Three relays
3. 6 - 17mm Bolts
4. Connector Assembly
5. Instructions

From the time we opened the box, my buddy and I installed the hitch, connected the wiring harness, and popped in the three relays was exactly 00:15:10. Fifteen Minutes and 10 seconds.

The dealer quoted me $499 for the install.

So, we stole out of the mouths of some needy Nissan Wrenchturner about $250.00.

We didn't have a single problem installing the hitch. It went on like greased lightning.:evillaugh
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I've done 3 of them by myself and I average 15 minutes and that includes getting the brake controller harness down from under the dash

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easy easy easy
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