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07 Titan + Rancho lift...

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Here is my titan before and after the Rancho lift...



The front ended up exactly 5 inches higher, and the rear 2. Ride is almost as good as stock. I installed the kit myself, and i will be honest, it was a total pain in the ***. Everything fit pretty well, but working on a truck this size with only a floorjack and jack stands is a real hassle. If I had a lift, it would have been a lot easier. I took about 2 days by myself to get it all together. Overall I am pleased with it and cant wait to get some new wheels and tires on !!
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Looks good!!! I just got the same lift on my 08.:bouncy:
Dude, that looks good already. I don't think you even need new wheels. You just need some M/T's and you are set. How much did that set run you? I want a 4" lift too but don't want to spend too much.
Nice work!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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