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I have an early model 07 Offroad. I have currently a 6" rough country lift and 35" tires under it. Some other cosmetic details but I need help setting up the rest of my build.

I have Spyder Auto smoke head, tail, and fog lights and want to go with LED bulbs for highs and lows. 9006 and 9005 if I am right. Has anyone done this and what is recommended. I have found the all in one bulbs that are between 8000-12000 lumens. I would like the brighter ones of course. Any advice on this as well as replacing the Fog light with LED bulbs.

Currently all factory still. Want to drop on some JBA long tube headers. From there what the hell do I do? I want a deep cowl when I am normally driving or idiling but want them also to wake the neighbors when I put my foot in it. I would like to run duals straight out the back. Looking for the best gains possible. Also is there a way to bypass the CAT's and get rid of them without f'ing up everything?

I bought a Bullydog before I ran into the UpRev tune everyone likes. Will this still work or should I drop the money and get the uprev and try to sell the other? Will they work together at all?

So darn many to chose from. Best overall gains and longevity?

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Bear in mind I'm bone stock in my 2011 as I type this, but here's what I can tell you regarding your questions above:

You'll want upRev to go with the long tube headers. Most (nearly all) trucks need the ability to tune to get the AFR in line where it's supposed to be. The BDGT won't tune enough.

You can sell the BDGT here on Titantalk easy enough.

Cajun makes cat less b-pipes, but depending on where you live you may or may not be able to use them. Also, it may be impossible to turn off the check light if you delete the cats now, but I can't recall if that's an issue or not.

For exhaust, most guys are running the JBA and getting good power. Straight duals won't give best power, from what I've read.

For CAIs, I believe the consensus is the Airraid MXP or the S&B showed the best dyno numbers, but search the forum for that info to double check me.

Beyond that I can't help. I've heard some LED lights (particularly some of the reverse lights) can cause some interference with our computers, so be sure you know what to buy or not buy based on that.
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