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08 ABS Sensor Problems

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Ok this is pissing me off now. I was having problems with my ABS sensors. Both the fronts got changed out at least once this last year as every time I’d hit the truck with water they’d come on for a while. I had a good run with them off I must say. Last time I maintained them, dielectric grease then wrapped with electrical tape from about 2 inches below and above the connector. They stayed off for 3 or more months.

This morning driving to work, in the snow ABS light comes on again. I did change the front pads two weeks ago. But no light until today. The wheel bearings have no play in them. There is no damage to the wiring before entering the wrapped loom. Brake fluid levels are good.

What else am I missing? I really need my ABS and more so my 4x4 this time of year as it’s hunting season. Someone please help me figure this out.
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someone just posted something about the sensors at the diff ended up causing their lights to come on. they unplugged them to test and the dash lights never lit up so they cleaned up those two plugs and put dielectric grease and wrapped and no more trouble
I was wrong. they figured out the problem and are testing fixes tomorrow

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