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'08 Crew - Another vibration problem.. dealer made it worse!

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I've had a slight vibration from the rear at 60+ MPH since my '08 was new. It seemed like it followed tire speed. They've re-balanced the tires twice (I have 20"ers), rotated the driveshaft 90, 180 and 270 degrees, installed shims between the rear axle and the springs and ordered a new driveshaft (which is on eternal backorder).

The truck is completely stock: No lifts or any other mods.

In the course of their troubleshooting process, they've caused a new, high speed vibration that follows engine speed. I really only feel it when towing or under heavy acceleration. Once upon a time, I had a bad transmission input bearing on an older car. This feels the same.

PLUS, I'm heading for my 3rd power steering rack and I only have 12,000 miles on the damn thing!

Problem is, I love this truck but it's been nothing but headaches. Lemon Law, here we come!

Has anyone else had this problem?
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no, my 08 runs and drives real nice. Are they putting on the wheels correctly? or are they just impacting the rim at full force 150psi on 1 lug nut causing the whell to be on crooked. The owners manual states "dont not use an impact wrench" on the rims. Putting on the wheels wrong can cause a imbalance or a shimmy at speeds. I hope this helps. Tell the dealer to put on a different set of tire/rims. The driveshaft is balanced, you'll see weights on it. Also did the roadforce balanced the tires for you?
funny you should mention that. My 08 has the same problem a slight shake at highway speeds, however it's only at slight accel. and minimal thorottly openings. The tires have been rotated and balanced and with only 1400 miles its kind of alarming. Let me know what you find out.
MikeLTour said:
PLUS, I'm heading for my 3rd power steering rack and I only have 12,000 miles on the damn thing!
3 P/S racks and 12,000 miles on a *2008* Titan?

I'm surprised you had enough time to make your first post on here. The '08s came out in May, it's now the end of November, so assuming you bought the very first one on the lot that would be about 6.5 months ago...

1850 miles per month. 4000 miles per month assuming you bought it a reasonable 3 months ago.

How the heck did you rack up so many miles so soon and kill 3 P/S racks in the process? Forgive me if I sound skeptical... :huh:
3rd power steering rack or 3rd replacement power steering rack? Either way, it sounds like whatever problem is trying to be solved is not related to the power steering rack. I have had no problems with my 08 in 3K miles. It is the smoothest running and best looking truck out there! Best of luck, sucks if your dealer is causing more problems than they are solving.
Nice first post!

Welcome to Titantalk!!
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