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08 longbed lifted titan

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I just purchased my first titan and popped my nissan cherry if you will. i love the truck and would like to post pics to get some feedback but the attatchments page says the pics are too big for this forum. help?
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hopefully this link works to my myspace site. the truck specs are as follows:

2008 Nissan Titan 5.6L Pro4xOffRoad
Galaxy Black Ext, Charcoal Int, Crew Cab, Captain's Chairs, Long Bed
Leather Package, Rockford Fosgate Package, Tow Package
ProComp 6" Lift, 20" Helo 835(black) Rims, 35" Bf Goodrich A/T Tires
Spray in Bedliner, Steprails, All Weather Floor Mats, Bugguard

On The Way:

Window Tint, Auto Start, Intake, Exhaust

Comments welcome.

The link itself did not work untill 15 posts. but you should be able to copy and paste to the url bar above.

I love the Truck and don't plan on any mods other than the ones listed for some time. eventually i may get a supercharger and chips and other goodies but for now i am enjoying the bliss of being a new titan owner.
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tried and failed. oh well. i will just have to make more posts
posting seven of fifteen, this is gay
we will get there eventually
15 posts doesnt come nearly high enough
last one, about f****** time
finally, after musch ado, the titan


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i had it without nerf bars for about two weeks but it just wasn't worth it. the girlfriend couldn't get in and out. i prefer the nerf bars to no nerf bars but to each his own, thanks for the tip though. the truck itself ran me about 32000. the accessories... lift, tirs, wheels, bars, spray in, mats about 6000
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