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08 longbed lifted titan

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I just purchased my first titan and popped my nissan cherry if you will. i love the truck and would like to post pics to get some feedback but the attatchments page says the pics are too big for this forum. help?
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two more to "PostOff"
last one, about f****** time
Where Are The Pictures Already????????????????????????????
finally, after musch ado, the titan


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Damn , I just uh... yeah. Beat me to the punch, those wheels were on my list, they look very nice, along with your beast.
That's a good looking truck...reminds me of...mine!
gotta say...this looks pretty dang good. i wasnt really a fan of the new long beds, but they're startin to grow on me.
Sweeeeeet truck man!

I saw a lifted longbed today for the first time and I couldn't believe how awesome it looks. I thought it looked o.k in pics, but wow, its AWESOME in person!
If you take the nerf bars off it makes the truck look higher and cleaner. Just a tip =]
Man, that is an AWESOME truck!!!! I really like the leather in the PRO 4X. I am holding out for the 2010 Titans, but you are making this TOUGH!!! :smoke:

By the way, what was the damage to your wallet? truck price and lift price

Thanks! :futwice:
Not a fan of the longbed Titans, but I must admit they look awesome lifted! Nice lookin truck Rocket!:cheers:
That looks sweet! Love how the longbed makes the truck look so much more aggressive/larger from a side angled view.
i had it without nerf bars for about two weeks but it just wasn't worth it. the girlfriend couldn't get in and out. i prefer the nerf bars to no nerf bars but to each his own, thanks for the tip though. the truck itself ran me about 32000. the accessories... lift, tirs, wheels, bars, spray in, mats about 6000
Nice lookin truck Rocket...I can't wait to get a new one....
dam i like it.. EARNHARDT'S has a 2008 white PROX4 lifted and i really really want it...
That is hawt.
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