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08 pathfinder prices?

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I know its off topic but I'm about to head to the dealer to pick up an 08 pathfinder LE and was looking for some prices. The MSRP Is just under 36k and I think He's gonna let me have it Right around $32 out the door. Any bought one lately know If that sounds about right? Thanks in advance.
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I just bought an 08 SE V8 4x4. MSRP is something like 35,710. I got mine for 35,500 out the door with special Costco pricing. Before taxes and fees, the cost was invoice + 500. It came out over 2000 under MSRP. You could probably get a better deal on a V6. Mine was shipped in just for me. Most dealers in Hawaii told me they either weren't bringing in any V8 models or were only bringing in 4x2 V8s.
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