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08 Radio needs XM...But how?

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Just got a 08 C/C with the radio that does not have the Sat button. It does have the rear controls, aux input, and X buttons that read CD/DVD-RADIO-AUX-REAR OFF/ON. So, being that I do not want to use the aftermarket units that use a radio frequency trans,itter. I want to hardwire it in. What are my options? Thnx..
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you can pay for the factory unit, or you can add an XM/Sirius via an adapter. Not FM Modulator. I used the Periprials unit, which also allowed me to use RCA level inputs for mu iPod. About $80 or so shipped. Hope this helps
All 6 disc unit are SAT ready even if you don't have a SAT button. You just use the RADIO button to scroll through till it get to SAT on the display (if you have one hook up). You could go with an after market and do what Bhudda did use the AUX input.
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