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08 radio not working

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wellIjust had my next issue with my 08 titan se. I have the type b dash with the 6 disk and 2 a/c knobs non duel climate. I had my truck in the dealer on wed. to have a TSB checked on a dash display problem and to have the oil changed. Then on thursday I left for a 9 hr drive to WV for a weekend of atv riding, 2hrs into the trip my radio stops making sound. the radio was on but no sound. I changed it from cd to radio and still nothing even if I turned the volume all the way up to 31. So for the next 7hrs no tunes. I then on my way back checked several times to see if the radio would work and nothing. then about 30 mins from my house I checked it again and blam it was working. Now I wake up the next day to head to work and again no sound and it still has not started working.
Anyone else have this problem or know of fix. I have checked the fuses and they were all good.
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