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08 Timing Advance Dilemma

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Yesterday I took my 08 LE 4X4 to the dealership for it's first oil change. While I was there I asked them to do the 2 degree timing advance. The head mechanic was very helpful and very interested since he hadn't had a chance to try this on an 08. I watched over his shoulder while he spend well over an hour trying to make it happen. He, of course, had to use the consult 3. I had the instructions for the consult 2 which did not match the screens for consult 3. But he easily got to the timing screens butthe consult would not let him advance the timing. It showed timing at 14, but when he tried to move the timing up the "up" arrow was greyed and wouldn't let him. He tryed several approaches but was never able to get the timing to advance. He was able to adjust the air intake but we took it back to factory setting after the timing advance failed. Also he was concerned that even if we were able to get Consult 3 to advance the timing, it would not hold since Consult only tests it doesn't actually change the ECU. He thought that even if it did appear to hold, it would quickly default back to the factory settings.
Good news was, he didn't charge me anything for all the experimenting and told me that if I found out a way to actually get into the ECU and permanently change the timing he would love to try it again.
So here are my questions:
1. Has anyone successfully completed the 2 degree timing change on the 08?
2. How did they do it?
3. Did you check back to ensure that the change held and what did you find?

Thanks for any insight you guys might have.
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i have an 07 and got the 2* advance and i could tell the difference instantly!! This is the best mod out there for the $....Free to me compliments of Mr. Roy @ Old Town meet last weekend. Thanks Roy. Good Looking Out, for a Newbie.
redneckpapa1996 said:
Wrong again !!!! Ooops......:huh:
This is all a learning experience to me too that's why we're here, right? I'm not sure about the 08' Titans but it definitely worked on my 07. As of yet i haven't heard of anyone with an 08' Armada getting the 2* cuz if so my father would have already got it done. but i really wish he didnt cuz his armada is quick, was quick cuz now i take off a lot faster, less hesitation.:cheers:
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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