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'08 Titan LE Passenger Seat Vibration?

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I just bought my '08 LE this past friday. Ocassionally when freeway driving, the steering wheel shakes a bit. This is my first truck so im not sure if this is normal or not. One thing that is buging me though is my passenger seat shakes all over the place when im driving. Its like if someone is pushing it from behind trying to shake it. I also noticed my passenger side mirror shakes as well. Im thinking it has a bad vibration on the side of the truck. Anyone else has any problems like this?
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The pass. seat on my '07 does this, mirror is OK tho.

Try adjusting the seatback angle, I noticed some settings seemed more prone to making it do this than others. For mine, the more upright it is, the less it shakes.

My 08 LE passenger seat does the same thing. Mirrors and steering wheel are OK, but the seat shakes like crazy.
Mine is very smooth at all speeds. It sounds to me like you have something out of balance.
Old Thread, but may be a current issue for some-it is for me. My '08 Titan's LE passenger seat squeaks like crazy. Dealer had it a few times-no fix. I bought it to a local shop & he is going to give it a shot this coming Friday based on TSB # NTB08-063.

Sorry, but I do not have a link to that TSB.

I will check back in to let people know if it worked.

P.S. There is also some odd noises coming from the drivers door-he thought it may be the Hinges. That will be addressed as well.
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