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I have had a lot of trouble getting my 08 Titan (not Flex) lately. For awhile it took several seconds of cranking to get it to turn over, sometimes it would do nothing when I turned the ignition key and would have to wait 5 minutes to several hours before it decided to start again. A few days ago it was driving just fine, I went into a store for 15 minutes came out to leave and the truck did it to me again. No crank, all electronics work perfect. Waited several hours and eventually had it towed home. I went to the dealership and bought the updated IPDM and swapped that out. Nothing.... I don't know what else to do besides pull the ECM to get it diagnosed with a possible R&R for $180. Cheaper than the dealerships who want $800+ for a new ECM and I would still have to get it flashed/programed for my keys for an additional price.. FML... I have read so many threads on hear about this issue but all the ones that post about what fixed it I have tried or don't apply to my issue.. Any ideas
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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