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08 Titan SE 4X4 Crew Cab 1700 miles Popping Noise Power Steering Rack Replaced

Just bought a brand new 2008 Titan SE 4X4 short bed. At around 1700 miles, heard and felt a popping noise in the steering while driving over small bumps, crevices, gravel, potholes, and while applying the breaks sometimes. Dealer replaced the entire power steeering rack. The problem appeared to be resolved until yesterday at 4300 miles, the same popping noise reappeared. I am pissed off again and will be taking it into the dealer this week to assess the same problem for the second time. Safety issues as related to the steering is becoming a major issue and concern with me so they better get this right before I contact my lawyer and push for them to take the damn truck back and refund my money. The Tundra is becoming more and more attractive my friends. I will update this following my trip to the service department.

Update 8/29/07: When I first dropped the truck off, the service rep tried to tell me that this noise could be a natural condition of the Titan. I wasn't buying that. Two days later, the dealer called (yesterday) and said there might be an issue with the stabalizer bars so they were going to unhook them and test drive the car to see if the noise occured. Today, the dealer called and said that it was not the stabalizer bars...and said they called the factory rep to confirm that there was no bulletin regarding this issue and to seek further guidance. The rep told the dealer to just go ahead and order another power steeering rack and replace the new one they replaced. This will be the third power steering rack in less than 5000 miles. Ridiculous. I pick up the truck tomorrow. I will update this post if the noise reoccurs...which means I will start to pursue lemon law claims.

Update 1/1/08: Hi, the latest is that Nissan Consumer Affairs decided not to do anything in advance of and to pre-empt arbitration. Additionally, at the time my truck had only been in for the 3rd time. So I brought the truck in for a 4th attempt and the service manager said there was nothing they could do because there was no technical resolution coming from the regional tech specialist. I also had a humming/rubbing sound coming from the wheels/steering when first starting the truck, but it tends to disappear after warming up and driving for a while (30+ minutes). Not sure if this is related to the power steering rack issue. They were not able to fix becuase they could not recreate the noise at the time. I am now working with the Dealership GM who indicated that he will try and work out a buy back/trade assist transaction with Consumer Affairs before I pursue arbitration. It may take a few weeks because of the holidays before I see any movement. If nothing comes through favorably, then I have to pursue BBB arbitration (autoline) by NC law. I am also in th process of seeking a lawyer who specializes in lemon law. I will update the threads with this info.

Update 3/07/08: The dealer came through and worked with corporate to offer me a trade assist. Basically, they gave me a brand new 2008.5 Titan 4X4 SE with pretty much the exact same options I had on my problem 2008 Titan 4X4 SE, just a different color. It was a seamless process. They worked the numbers so that nothing would change on my current loan payment or balance i.e. I was firm that I did not want to go into the red/negative or put any additional money towards this transaction. The new truck feels a bit tighter in the steering. HOWEVER, much to our disappointment, we are now experiencing a humming noise when first starting the vehicle an making turns, but after driving awhile, it goes away. We just hit 1000 miles and so far heard this humming noise 5 times usually when the truck sits for awhile or overnight and we first start off and make the first few turns. With the previous 2008 problem truck, we also heard the same humming sound in addition to the clunking noise in the steering rack. We are very disappointed that the same humming issue is now happening in our 2008.5 truck. I will be contacting the dealer first thing Monday morning. This amazes me how two new trucks have similar issues. How can this be?? I am furious and may be taking this one all the way through litigation and the media. I have had it with Nissan! Tundra will be my next truck.
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