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So I've been having a problem with my truck wanting to start and finally it wouldn't the other day. I went to diagnosing and essentially heard ONE CLICK. As if the starter wasn't functioning. Here's how i fixed :

Take off fascia plate to get to the top of the manifold.

Unhook the elbow for the cold air intake from the throttle body. (DONT remove throttle body, it's not necessary. I stripped out screw heads trying to.)

Un-clamp all of the rubber hoses going to the manifold ( pretty much make it to where you can pull it out and set it on your CAI.)
There are some electrical connectors that have to be undone. SO BE CAREFUL!

Now the gas line is tricky, you can either go and buy the tool or make one, i made one out of sharpie cap. ( snap off the clip, cut off the angle where the marker tip goes in so it looks like a cylinder. Cut length way down the center of the cap. Now you can separate the clip and slide it over the gas line. Push the cap towards the gas line while you're pushing the gas line towards the cap. You may have to turn the cap to unlock all pins. There's a you-tube video if you dont understand (search gas line tool). KEEP THE GAS LINE ELEVATED OR IT WILL LEAK EVERYWHERE!!!

At this point everything should be free except the manifold being bolted down. There are ten bolts (10mm), five on each side. Use a 3/8 ratchet with 6" extension, 3" extension, swivel and the 10mm socket. Seems like overkill, but the back two bolts you can't even see. You have to go by feel to find them. You'll thank me later.

After you get all the bolts removed. You should be able to remove the manifold and place it on the CAI. If you can't then you've forgotten a hose/plug somewhere. The rubber hose going into the back of the manifold is okay. Leave it on.

To remove the starter:

There are 3 bolts. Two mounting and one to hold the cables on the starter, along with an electrical plug almost to the firewall. It's on a mount. Remove the two mounting bolts that hold the starter on the block (we had to beat ours with a hammer to break loose.)

You'll then remove the bolt that holds the electrical connector on the back of the starter.

There is another bolt under a rubber grommet that is holding a wire on the front of the starter. Remove that bolt and set the wire aside.

At this point you should be able to remove the starter. Bench test it, replace if it fails. If it doesn't fail. You can either replace anyways, or replace the + wire that goes to battery.

I left the factory + wire there and bought a new one, zip tied it to old harness to keep it protected. You'll need to buy a new terminal along with the + wire.

Bolt the + wire to the starter and back to the battery. PLUG IN THE ELECTRICAL PLUG ON THE STARTER OR IT WON'T WORK. Bolt the starter back to the truck. Turn the key to start. If it turns over, you found the problem. Re assemble in the reverse order above.

If that doesn't work, then there's some other options to look at.

1) Starter Is bad
2)Battery Cable/terminals dirty or bad. If they're really corroded, replace like above
3)Bad battery (check at auto parts store for free. Replace if it fails test)
4) Ignition Switch (least likely and also happens to be the most expensive)

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If you hear a click but nothing happens the solenoid is dead. Have yet to find anyone that sells this solenoid by itself.

Disconnect cable from positive battery terminal before beginning. Otherwise you risk frying everything in the car.

Remove tube from cold air intake and remove from engine compartment. Leave filter box in place.

Never, ever use pliers on electrical connectors unless you want to replace them. Just press the release tab.

Test starter power cable for resistance/continuity using multimeter before disconnecting anything on the starter.

Disconnect solenoid lead at connector on bracket near brake booster before trying to remove starter.

Use WD40 on starter bolts. Using a cheater bar over the ratchet usually provides enough leverage to loosen bolts holding starter to bell housing. Hitting a ratchet is a good way to break it.

Thoroughly clean intake manifold top surface with intake or carb cleaner and a razor scraper to remove all residue where gaskets mate. Replace intake manifold gaskets. Doing all this once is bad enough.

Do not try to start vehicle until everything is reassembled unless you want gas on your driveway and your check engine light to come on.
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