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08 trans temp gauge

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Is the tranny temp gauge standard on all 08's now. The tow package doesn't say that it has the gauge but I see it on some pics of the gauge cluster. Does the tow package still have the tow mirrors? Just seeing if it's worth it since you have to add popular and bed package to get tow now. I wish my 05 had the tow for the tranny gauge.
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my 08 kc 4x has the trans temp guage. it has tow package
why is the gauge important to you? you must do a lot of heavy towing, if so why would you not get a diesle?

just wondering
Don't do alot of heavy towing just always curious what it's running since I don't have it.
The tranny temp guage is only on tow package equipped trucks. Look again at the tow package contents. It lists the temp guage, big mirrors (unless you have an XE), hitch, trailer harness and connector, heavy duty battery, lower gearing. So no, the guage is not standard on all 08s. Get the tow package. It's worth every penny.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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