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'08 XM Display Weirdness

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I mentioned this in another thread but didn't want to continue hijacking it. I've had my '08 LE CC LWB for a week now after replacing my '04 Titan. I was dismayed to see that the display for SAT radio hadn't changed since the original model. I also used to have Sirius but at least I got all 14 characters as opposed to the only 8 I get with XM now. But, a few days after delivery, I noticed all of a sudden I was seeing 14 characters on all my XM channels. However, it has not been consistent. It seems to come and go at will which is driving me crazy and making me think I'm seeing things. At this point, I don't know what I'm going to get when I start up the truck. Sometimes it'll show all characters and sometimes only 8 or even less.

If the Nissan Sirius tuner has 14 character capability, then I would think the Nissan XM tuner would also have the same code built in the hardware. So, am I to assume this relates more to XM's signal as it relates to this tuner or is it simply a hardware only problem? In other words, is this something XM can rectify with their signal? That just doesn't make sense to me, though.
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I have a BRAND NEW 2011 Frontier and I am experiencing the SAME issue. When I change it to AM, turn it off and on again, it displays all 14 characters.

1) 8 characters is unacceptable.
2) For these IDIOTS at Nissan to have not fixed this in 3 years is beyond pathetic.
3) Has ANYBODY heard back from the tech line or anybody through this Gunn Nissan?
4) This XM display sucks! 1 line of text is pretty crappy, but to have a defect like this is the end of the line. I am planning on contact NISSAN tomorrow. I am NOT happy.

PLEASE....if anybody is experiencing this problem, please contact me. Thanks.

Brad, Cave Creek, AZ
I have a BRAND NEW 2011 Frontier SV. It's doing the SAME thing. Other folks had an Xterra too. I just got back from the dealership, and they called Tennessee, and there is NO fix for this.

This is what I have learned:

1) This tells me it has been happening since 2007, and Nissan has NOT fixed this.
2) DO NOT BUY a Nissan with a factory radio and XM unless they can prove to you that the full 15 digits will work.
3) You are better off to purchase an aftermarket radio (you will lose most or some of your steering wheel controls) or better yet a sat receiver like an Audiovox Express.
4) Shame on Nissan for equipping the Frontier with a SUB PAR piece of garbage one line display! It should have a minimum of 3 lines for CHANNEL, ARTIST, and SONG, or at least fill all 15 characters, and rotate between the 3 pieces of info.

It was a disappointment to find out my radio would not work the way XM had intended it to. It was also sad to spend so many hours researching this, and driving out to the dealership to find there was no fix.

As for Nissan, they make AWESOME and RELIABLE cars... however, don't expect the FACTORY XM to display properly. The entire head unit should be recalled on all models, if you ask me!
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